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Wake up, World. Soulless reality

İt's getting harder Every day
To live my life, to be myself
I hear words which others say
And more and more i want be deaf

I understand all their thoughts
I see and know each their play
They think themselves as ladies, lords
On Easter just they go to prey

There no souls, just walking bodies,
Dont understand they're not exist
So deeply thrown in their lies
Like under skin there is a beast

And No reflection in the mirror
'Cause it cannot reflect the ghosts
Dont know happiness and sarrow
İn endless torture they're lost

Confuse the feelings with each other
İnstead of passion they say love
Just smell of perfume and sigara
And touching heart in gummy glove

Just empty words which's weight of nothing
And bleeding promisses are dead
İn trends and fashion they're hiding
For honest just all fake instead

And constant fear for the next days
They like vampire hide from the sun
Cannot accept they are just slaves
From dirty moral they cant run

İ'm tired watching this performanse
Huge theatre with heartless dolls
İn which the same is playing Romans
Where all can buy just like in Malls


Author:  N.O-T.A

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