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Çapari Sokak No.55 Kumkapı - İSTANBUL

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+90212 516 08 35, +90532 214 03 40



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Kumkapi Afrodit Restaurant


In the Afrodit Restaurant, where all of food is at the high quality that encourage a Gourmet, you can find all kinds of sea food.

Fish, Roasted Sheep Intestines, Stuffed Calamary are only a few of the tastes pertaining to Afrodit .Afrodit Restaurant is waiting for you from 9.30 tell 04.00 everyday and visitors can use credit card. Also we Don't Have a parking problem. Are you looking for fish, looking for taste on the dining table and means of chatting with your loved ones; “And if you are saying, if only there was a seascape, everything would be perfect, we have a proposal for you!” Afrodit Restaurant

The precious Afrodit Fish Restaurant, not only keeps the peculiar atmosphere of Karaköy, its traditional history and nationally or internationally, your memories nested within each other, but Afrodit Restaurant also happens to be your second home in Istanbul with it's tranquil, dependanle and reliable service. 

Our Narghile Cafe, not only with the services it provides, but also with its nature that looks as if it has been embroidered like a work of art, has the atmosphere of a fairy-tale; Afrodit Restaurant is a precious venue where you can taste your narghile in a cool environment with a scenery of the Bosphorus.

Welcome to Afrodit Restaurant!


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